Sales Force Strategy: Always Make Your Number

by Sales Benchmark Index

For startup and expansion-stage company CEOs, meeting annual revenue numbers can be the difference between life and death. Discover how to tune up your sales force strategy to ensure you make those numbers every year.

sales force strategyGreg Alexander of Sales Benchmark Index reminds CEOs that one of your “primary responsibilities is to build a great executive team, starting with the sales leader.” If the sales leader can’t tell you whether or not you’re going to meet your annual revenue target, then it’s time for a sales force strategy adjustment.

Alexander reports that CEOs who are experts in sales force strategy and never miss revenue targets recommend focusing from August onward on the “big deals,” since “the year will be made or lost on a few mega deals.” To get a better idea of whether your company will hit its revenue number, inspect those big deals closely. After that, walk into Q3 board meetings prepared with specific details on those same big deals. Alexander also offers the CEO’s Big Deal Sniff Test as a tool to determine whether or not their company will make its revenue target. No CEO – especially one leading a startup – can afford not to focus on sales force strategy. Revenue is the lifeblood of your company’s current and future success.