Sales Conversation: 15 Ways to Get the Information You Need

by Inc.

Learn 15 sales conversation starters that get you the information you need from prospects.

sales conversation

Geoffrey James, sales blogger at Inc., knows that you need effective sales conversation starters to discover “how the prospect’s firm does business.” He presents a list of 15 ways “to get such conversations up and rolling, based upon material” from “the sales uber-guru Barry Rhein.”

James breaks his 15 conversation starters into three categories: assess needs, budget allocations, and confirm the buying process. In order to get the ball rolling, he recommends that you “cut and paste” the 15 questions into a document, then “add enough space between them so that you can take notes.” When talking with your prospect, “introduce the conversation starters early in the discussion,” and “as you get answers, fill the blank spaces with your notes.” After “there are no more blank spaces, you’ll be certain that you’re not wasting your time and you’ll know how to turn the opportunity into a win as quickly as possible.”