Sales Anxiety? How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Selling

by Inc.

There’s no way around it — if you’re going to succeed in business you’ve got to be able to sell. But what if you hate selling? There are ways to get over your reservations – in the end you might even find yourself enjoying it.

“When I interview the CEOs of start-ups, I can usually predict whether or not the company is going anywhere by the way the CEO talks about selling,” writes sales expert Geoffrey James in a post for Inc. “If they think it’s the soul of success, they’re going to do well.  If they think it’s a chore, not so much.” Why do people see selling in a negative light? It’s typically because they mistakenly see it as manipulative, annoying, and simply boring, James argues. The key to getting over these negative perceptions is tapping into the right motivations.

“Once you make the decision that you’d never, ever sell somebody something they don’t need,” writes James, “you’re free to see selling for what it really is: helping somebody else get what they want.” And “when you decide to learn something valuable in every sales situation, selling becomes far more interesting.” For more on how you can learn to love selling – and be far better at it – read James’s full article here.

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