Safety First: Finding and Eliminating Website Security Holes

by Venture Beat

With the advent of social media, the composition of website security has drastically changed.

Previously, a website designer’s main concerns were encryption, shopping cart security and protecting sensitive user information, among others. Today, you’re faced with an evolving security struggle that requires a flexible approach to monitoring and enforcement.

Users are interacting with themselves on many sites, through comments, mailings and other mediums. Installing a comment flagging system won’t cut it – it’ll filter as many legitimate messages as illegitimate ones. And people will always find holes in the system to abuse it. Your most viable option involves a proactive approach where team members are monitoring all of the user-generated content for potential security breaches.

A forum or comments section can become a hotbed for scams and unscrupulous activity if it’s not closely guarded. Enacting such a system will prevent you from ever seeing the intersection of technology and law. Read the full article by Greg Collier for more information on this topic.