SaaS Business Growth Strategies

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SaaS business growth strategies all share the same fundamental principle: deliver a service that stands out from the competition and get/keep/grow as many customer relationships as possible.

SaaS business growth strategies

Seems obvious, right?  So why is it that so many companies are trying to conform to some kind of packaging standard?

These orthodox moves are characterized by regimenting pricing and contracting models, lacking professional services in the whole product, skipping a rich and usable client interface, and more.  This is especially troubling because these companies are working in an innovative industry and, instead of embracing this overarching premise, are sequestering themselves in a SaaS box.

Work outside the box—don’t be a SaaS militant

First you need to determine your most attractive target market segment, devise a goal-addressing strategy, and then build the best whole product possible to serve this market.  This revised mode of thought and approach might include one or more of the following:

Making these kinds of changes—some of them perhaps a little drastic—can be a difficult for a SaaS militant.  All of us have our favorite business and delivery models, after all.  But remember: it’s not your company who decides how SaaS should work, but rather your customers that are paying for your service and using it every day.  You can still have your ideal model and test out new approaches that are more in line with your notion of the ideal from your company’s perspective.

  • The problem with most SaaS providers is their inherent “tunnel vision” of HOW great their products are and how they can be all things to all clients.

  • Scott, I completely agree. I believe at least part of the issue is that t is easier to focus attention on product and competitors’ products rather than a target customer segment and the needs of the users. The products are more tangible and easier to compare and really understanding what will appeal to users is much much more difficult!