Running Your Company in the Cloud

by VentureBeat

It seems like everyone and everything is moving to the cloud. Of course you don’t want to be left on the ground, but is making the leap the right move for your company?

Despite the ephemeral-sounding name, there’s no question that cloud technology is making earth-shaking impact on IT infrastructure, and the changes extend beyond simple data storage. With more and more applications being developed to help companies take advantage of the increased efficiency and flexibility the cloud provides, some entrepreneurs are finding it may now even be possible to run their entire business from the cloud.

For both early and expansion-stage companies that perhaps aren’t quite as invested in legacy software or an established IT structure, untethering can present numerous immediate benefits. In a guest post for VentureBeat, Scott Gassmann, Innovation Engineer at Proactive Accountants Network, reveals how making the switch completely to cloud technology has helped lift his company off the ground and expand quickly by allowing its geographically versatile, highly mobile workforce to connect and operate more efficiently as well as easily scale. For more on how you can run your company on cloud technology, including a list of the applications that have enabled Proactive Accountants Network’s transition, read the full post here.

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