Roadmap to Success For Your Strategic Accounts

by Inside View
strategic account

In a post for the Inside View, Koka Sexton explains how to choose and work with strategic accounts.

“The important thing to remember and be disciplined about is that NOT every account is a strategic account,” he writes.

Sexton says accounts that are identified to become strategic for the company must be working for a common goal that will bring growth to both organizations.

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She says several things are essential for ensuring strategic accounts flourish:

A cross functional team for communication

Full executive endorsement

A clear measurement of growth and success.

Sexton says it’s important to find out where each company sees the business relationship today, one year and five years out. She also recommends creating a joint action plan that holds both companies accountable for success.

“If either of you are not achieving mutually beneficial goals then the relationship needs to be re-evaluated, fixed or dissolved,” she writes.

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For more on strategic accounts, read Sexton’s full post here.