Rethinking the Product Development Process, Part 1


Steve Blank is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a penchant for involving himself in successful ventures.

Presenting at Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program, the speaker took the stage to opine on a bevy of topics. In this video, Blank looks at what it means to rethink product development. The tried-and-true methods are getting less true. The patterns are becoming trite.

Traditional schools of product and development thought are no longer paving the way for raising venture capital. Why are some companies successful where others aren’t, despite following almost exactly the same road? Risks are part of the game – but they don’t necessarily have to be hurdles.

Many entrepreneurs are simply focused on a launch and getting an initial surge of customers. And everybody continues to narrowly focus on that. But imagine the wealth of vital information that is overlooked because of this. Watch this video from Blank for more information on this topic.