Light Your Fire: How to Rekindle Your Business Passion

by Inc.

business passionLearn how to rekindle your business passion by getting back to the core principles that drive every entrepreneur.

Michael E. Gerber, author and entrepreneur, writes in this guest post for Inc. that every startup founder and entrepreneur struggles with reigniting their business passion “at some point.” For Gerber, the key to getting back on track “is discovering what’s got you stuck, and then devising an ingenious way to get free of it.”

To do this, Gerber says you must fall in love with your business again. He provides a series of questions for any entrepreneur struggling with business passion to ask herself. Each question revolves around one of the four “essential components” to the entrepreneur’s view of the world of business: “the Dream, the Vision, the Purpose, and the Mission.” Gerber recommends you “re-visit these four concepts any time you feel like you are spinning your wheels” to “get unstuck, and get on with the business of growing your company.”