How to Hire Customer Success Managers: The New “It” Job in Tech

In the startup world, customer success professionals are suddenly the most popular kids on the block. That means finding and hiring a great one isn’t easy.

How to Hire Customer Success Managers | OpenView Labs

Often operating as the glue between sales, marketing, and product, customer success professionals must not only serve as the voice of the customer in all internal conversations and initiatives, but also be extremely data-driven and results-oriented to drive improvements in customer retention and satisfaction rates. That can be a lofty task, and the challenge for many organizations looking to build a customer success team is finding strong candidates who can handle the level of work needed to achieve top results in the role.


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Google’s Secret Hiring Formula

Take a rare peek inside the Googleplex to discover why Google credits its success in attracting — and retaining — top talent to four key hiring criteria.

Google secret hiring formula

This week, members of the OpenView Talent Team attended the LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference in San Francisco. On Tuesday morning we were lucky enough to attend a rare presentation from Google. Laszlo Bock, SVP of People Operations, shared the secrets behind the company’s hiring and retention success.


The Art of Networking to Hire: 5 Tips for Recruiting at MeetUps and Networking Events

When you’re a founder or startup executive every networking opportunity is a recruiting opportunity. Here’s how to make the most of them.

 Recruiting at Meetups & Networking Events | OpenView Labs

When it comes to building your team, the obvious first choice is to tap into your own network. But what happens when your network dries out and you don’t have any in-house recruiting/HR resources or a budget to utilize outside agencies? The truth is, building out a robust and reliable talent pipeline takes time, and while building out your team may be a top priority, if you’re a startup founder or executive, time is likely one of the things you just don’t have.

One suggestion: Start attending networking events as often as possible. Not only will they give you access to talent, they’re also great branding opportunities to get your name out in the community. Here are five steps you can take to ensure you make the most of the opportunities.


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The 3 Worst Hiring Mistakes Startups Make

You may say finding the right people are your top priority, but if you’re making these startup hiring mistakes then you’re putting your company behind the eight ball.

Worst Startup Hiring Mistakes to Make | OpenView Labs

Hiring the best candidates can be a big challenge for any company, but especially if you’re a startup. Not only do you have less time and fewer resources to devote to the search, but it’s also far more difficult to recover if and when you make a costly “bad hire.” That means it’s even more important for you to be able to hit the ground running with your hiring process, and to avoid the common hurdles that most startups experience.


When Should You Follow Up with a Candidate?

When it comes to pursuing top candidates you don’t want to come off too strong, but you also don’t want them to slip through the cracks. Here are a few tips for determining exactly when the time is right to send that perfect follow up.

When to Send a Follow Up Email to a Candidate | OpenView Labs

As a startup recruiter, most of my day is spent sourcing for candidates, holding phone screens, scheduling interviews, and sifting through applications. It is quite rare, unfortunately, that the ideal candidate has applied to my posting via inbound, so much of my energy is spent on outreach to prospective candidates. As I go about my day, I also set aside time to check in on previous candidates I’ve worked with or others I’d like to reach out to for a second time. It is always a delicate dance to determine when to follow up with a candidate as I want to maintain a genuine connection with the individual, but also want to really make sure this person is or is not interested in my position.


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5 Ways to Master the Science of Hiring (As Well as the Art)

Consistently hiring the best candidates often means listening to the numbers more than your gut. Here are five ways to leverage data to your advantage.

5 Ways to Leverage Hiring Metrics & Data | OpenView Labs

Historically, hiring has been anything but a objective process. Even today, when the majority of business functions adopting more data-driven approaches, HR is typically lagging behind. According to a recent article by Dr. John Sullivan, “When you survey most frequent users of analytics and metrics in the corporate world…HR ranks at the very bottom.”

That needs to change. And it starts with a shift in mindset to acknowledge that great hiring is as much a science as it is an art.


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Purple Squirrels Aren’t Real: Time to Stop Chasing Them

Unicorns, purple squirrels — whatever you want to call them, perfect candidates don’t exist. Time to face the facts and make better use of your time and resources.

Startup Hiring: Stop Chasing Purple Squirrels | OpenView Labs

The hiring process is difficult enough. We all know it can take quite a while to sort out everything from approval to job descriptions, to candidate sourcing, to interviews and reference checking and finally, the offer stages. Why then, would you add additional roadblocks to make this process that much harder by searching for roles and candidates that you know do not exist?

It’s far more common than you might think. Recruiters are handed job descriptions for a new position with a caveat: “We know this person doesn’t exist.” Essentially, you’re having your talent team set off on a hunt for a purple squirrel.


10 Hiring & Retention Metrics for Fast-Growing Startups

Does your HR tracking start and end with headcount? Here are 10 simple stats that can provide a much clearer picture of your company’s health and growth.

10 Startup HR Metrics: Hiring & Retention | OpenView Labs

In talking with entrepreneurs who are considering partnering with OpenView, we often hear that the most serious impediment to growth is being able to hire the right employees and grow the company’s headcount according to plan. In response to this trend, over the past three years our talent acquisition support has become the fastest growing group within OpenView Labs, as we seek to screen thousands of applicants and fill over 100 positions (and growing) at our portfolio companies every year.

Given the extremely competitive market for top talent today, our CEOs and founders have to also consider striking the right balance between aggressively adding to their teams, successfully retaining and providing the right career paths for top performing employees, and terminating non-performing employees.

Most of the time though, as far as startup growth planning goes, “growth in headcount” is the primary focus. But this number does not take into account factors such as terminations, defections, promotions etc. Therefore, it typically represents a very simplistic take on the human resourcing strategy of the company.


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