Don’t Make that Offer! 5 Things Hiring Managers Should Do First

It can be tempting to jump the gun when you’ve found the perfect candidate for a role. Learn how a little prep can help you avoid making an offer that falls flat.

5 Things to Do Before Making an Offer | OpenView Labs

Anyone involved in hiring at a startup can agree — the most exciting part of any search is sending out the offer. After all the time and effort you put into finding the right person you’re so close to finally bringing them on board. But now comes the hard part — waiting to hear back and wondering, will the candidate accept?

Ultimately, that final decision may be out of your hands, but with the proper preparation you can set yourself up to make the most compelling offer possible. Here are a few points to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes on managing the offer process from start to finish.


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Startup Recruitment: The Best Seattle Universities to Hire From

When it comes to hiring entry-level tech talent, local universities are prime recruiting targets. If you’re a startup in the Seattle area, here are the schools to set your sights on.

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It’s becoming more and more prevalent that Seattle’s is a tech and startup scene on the rise. If you need proof, take a look at these articles from TechCrunch and the New York Times. With more and more tech companies in the city, talent is in demand, and what better place for local companies to look than the colleges and universities in their own backyard? Here are a few to start with.


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Startup Hiring: When Should You Call Off a Stalled Search?

Have an open position you’re struggling to hire for? A little preparation and planning in advance will help you determine if and when you should call off the dogs and regroup.

When to Call Off a Stalled Recruiting Search | OpenView Labs

Think back to the last recruiting search you kicked off. Can you picture how excited everyone was? Do you remember all the big plans in place for the new position, and how eager you were to go out and start finding great candidates?

Now fast-forward to today. It’s week 13 and you’re still sourcing and passing along candidates. The hiring manager is still phone screening and/or bringing individuals in to interview. Enthusiasm is dissipating with each passing day, and it’s being replaced by an awful sense of desperation and indifference. Somewhere along the way, something clearly went wrong. There’s no getting around it — this search has stalled. The question now is how can you get it back on track before it becomes entirely obsolete?


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How (and How Not) to Conduct Backdoor Reference Checks

Candidate-supplied references don’t always provide you with an objective perspective. To find out what makes a candidate truly tick, backdoor reference checks can be much more revealing.

How to Conduct Backdoor Reference Checks | OpenView Labs

No matter how certain you feel about a sales candidate’s capabilities, competencies, and fit for the role, it is absolutely critical to conduct reference checks. As sales expert Jeff Hoffman explains, salespeople generally excel at selling themselves. And the last thing you want is to hire a C-player just because he or she talked an A-player game in the interview. Vetting those types of candidates through your network (and theirs, if applicable) can go a long way toward helping you avoid making a big and costly mistake.

That’s where reference check interviews can come in.


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Pros and Cons of Offering a Sign-on Bonus 

Finding the best candidate for the position can be difficult enough, but add in increased salary expectations from the candidate and you can find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Here is a tip for splitting the gap.

Pros and Cons of Offering a Sign-On Bonus | OpenView Labs

When it comes down to the negotiation stage of bringing in a new employee, the hiring manager and/or team needs to be prepared to play the game tactfully. Of course, that’s true for both sides. Because if either party comes off too strong, uncooperative, or resorts to ultimatums, the offer can fall apart.


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How to Successfully Manage a Startup Internship Program

In order for an internship program to be successful and sustainable it must become part of your company’s natural rhythm. Find out how you can make it self-managing.

How to Manage an Internship Program | OpenView Labs

Starting an internship program is an investment that can deliver significant returns. Over the course of this series we’ve covered all the necessary steps to get one off the ground, but if you really want your investment to continue paying off for the long haul you need to conduct a little ongoing maintenance.


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How Millennials Are Changing the Way Inside Sales Hiring and Training is Done

Like it or not, the Millennial generation doesn’t think, work, or behave like generations before it. But as sales expert and bestselling author Josiane Feigon explains, that’s not necessarily a bad thing — particularly for inside sales organizations that know how to adapt to those differences.

Inside Sales Hiring Trends: Impact of Millennials | OpenView Labs

Inside Sales Hiring Trends: Millennials Are Changing the Game

When Josiane Feigon used to design sales training sessions for her clients, the co-founder and President of TeleSmart Communications typically focused on creating highly-structured, two-day events that fully immersed new inside sales reps in everything they needed to know to be successful.

Today, however, Feigon’s approach is much different. Instead of two-day training sessions, she now builds programs around one or four hour training sprints. And instead of relying on the once-effective “talking head” training approach, Feigon’s program now favors a shorter, more collaborative peer-led curriculum.


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Startup Hiring on a Budget

Your business is growing and you need to find the next all-star member of your team. They need to be just the right mix of top-notch talent and the perfect cultural fit — and addition to needing them yesterday you have essentially zero budget to devote to the search. Sound familiar? Here are some tips that can help.

Startup Hiring on a Budget | OpenView Labs

Quick, effective, and best of all cheap — here are two tips to help you master startup hiring on a budget.