Recruiting Trends and Predictions for Expansion-Stage Tech Companies

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What sorts of recruiting trends and changes to the current recruiting landscape can tech companies expect in the near future? What roles will the “War for Talent” be focused on next?

While the overall outlook for venture-backed technology companies is incredibly bright in terms of innovation and funding, supply is going to continue to lag significantly behind demand in terms of several key roles, predicts Keith Cline, founder of Dissero and Venture Fizz in this video for OpenView. Despite strong economic recovery in the tech sector in 2010 and 2011, a large number of companies experienced an acute need for software engineers in particular, and thanks to the resulting competitive market conditions, many found it difficult to win the “War for Talent” for engineers.

That trend should continue in 2012, and small companies may find it difficult to compete and hire the top talent they need to succeed. On the bright side, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur, with innovation continuing to grow and funding continuing to be made available. Founders and CEOs may just need to accept that they have to make their own smart investments of time and resources into landing the best software engineering talent possible.

Watch the short video for more on why Cline predicts the “War for Talent” for software engineers is far from winding down.