Recruiting Revolution: 5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Should Include Talent Aquisition

by Mashable

Many businesses are finally discovering that there are benefits to social media that exist beyond the confines of marketing.

After all, customers aren’t the only people companies need to connect with – there’s also the top talent they need to compete and drive their organizations forward. While social media’s impact on marketing may be where much of the focus is, the fact is many companies have also been experiencing a (comparatively quiet) revolution in talent acquisition and recruiting, as well.

“The benefits are already beginning to outshine older methods,” writes Sajjad Masud, co-founder & CEO of Simplicant, a cloud-based social recruiting platform. And the truth is adoption has been growing at a far faster rate than many might think. In fact, writes Masud, “companies are expected to use social media to recruit for more than 80% of job openings in 2012.”

In a guest post for Mashable, Masud outlines five reasons why social media and talent acquisition are such a productive match, including the fact that it allows recruiting and hiring processes to be more personal, more transparent, and, perhaps most importantly, no longer dependant solely on HR. “Social media talent acquisition allows for entrepreneurs and CEOs alike to find candidates directly, quickly and with a reduced cost-per-hire — especially for startups that lack traditional HR personnel or funds for a recruiter,” writes Masud. Read his full post for more on how you can utilize social media to revolutionize your talent acquisition and recruiting.

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