Recruiting and Retention Through Exciting Job Titles


recruiting and retentionRecruiting and retention can be as easy as picking a compelling job title. Learn how it’s done.

Dr. John Sullivan, former chief talent officer at Agilent Technologies and current San Francisco State University professor of management, writes at that “giving a job a compelling title, because it costs virtually nothing, may have the highest ROI of any single recruiting and retention tool.” As a prime example, Sullivan points to the “genius bar” at Apple stores. While the job is simply to help resolve customer product problems, the snappy title of “genius” sees Apple “flooded with applicants,” and “once in the job, geniuses stay longer than the average Apple retail employee.”

Along with Apple, Sullivan cites Starbucks’ use of barista and “coffee master,” along with Best Buy’s Geek Squad. To help you boost recruiting and retention with exciting job titles, Sullivan lists “the desired impacts” of compelling titles, the criteria that must be met to qualify as a compelling title, words to include in the title, and finally the steps needed to implement the titles within your hiring strategy.