Recruiter to Your Resume: You’ve Got 6 Seconds, Make ’Em Count

by Business Insider

The instant a recruiter opens your resume the clock starts ticking. If it doesn’t make a positive impact within six seconds, it’s on to the next.

Considering all the time and effort you put into your resume, that may be a tough pill to swallow. But by knowing precisely what recruiters are honing in on in those six seconds you can in turn isolate which aspects of your resume you should focus on emphasizing and improving.

As Vivian Giang of Business Insider reports, a recent study using a scientific technique called “eye tracking” examined the eye movements of 30 professional recruiters to record and analyze where their eyes focused on a given resume, and for how long. The results, delivered in the form of a heat map, showed recruiters pay particular attention to names, current titles and companies, previous titles and companies, and education. Given that they do so in all of six seconds suggests that information should be simplified and clearly provided. For more on the study and what a recruiter will focus on when reviewing your resume, read the full article by Giang.

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