Readying Your Product for its Toughest Test: Arriving at “Done”

by Inc

One of the most difficult decisions a company building a new product will face is when to declare it finished and ready for release.

Every step of the process leading up to that point can be a headache when you’re not prepared. From specifications to the estimated release timeline, there’s much to consider. So how can you tell when your product is ready? If you’re running on a predetermined schedule, the decision will largely be dictated by that factor. But if you prefer a free-flowing product development process like co-founder and president of 37signals Jason Fried, you’ll need to make the final call, yourself.

The problem with a more relaxed development process is that projects can, theoretically, go on indefinitely. Fried likens the ultimate decision to a gut feeling. Only you can ask the right questions to find out when your product is truly ready to go out the door. For more on readying your product for its toughest test, read the full article by Fried.

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