Rank Your Sales Leader and See If It’s Time to Change

by Sales Benchmark Index

Learn how to determine if you need a new sales leader to help drive growth.

 sales leader

Greg Alexander, CEO of Sales Benchmark Index, writes that hiring a new sales leader isn’t always the right way to grow faster. A sales leader can be an A, B, or C player, Alexander says, based on “accountabilities and competencies.” Revenue growth and quota attainment fall into the accountabilities pile, while launching a new product and building a great team fall into competencies.

Alexander encourages CEOs to rank your current sales leader with these metrics, as well as any candidates that you’re considering as a replacement. “This does two things for you,” Alexander says, “first, you see the strengths and weaknesses of these leaders compared to each other,” and second, “you see a comparison of these sales leaders with the broader labor market.”