Ramp Up Demand Generation with SEO

by Sales Benchmark Index

demand generationLeverage SEO to get the biggest impact on demand generation. Learn three KPIs to help you measure success.

John Koehler of Sales Benchmark Index writes that the channel of demand generation that yields “the highest return and sustained success” is search engine optimization. Koehler recommends focusing on SEO since it delivers “the low-hanging fruit” and more “qualified leads into the top of the funnel.” To help you identify whether or not you’re getting the most out of demand generation through SEO, Koehler presents “three KPIs to measure SEO success.”

Start by looking at the quantity of pages receiving search engine traffic, and make sure that all your content is properly optimized to bring in new visitors. After that, make sure your site is receiving traffic for non-branded terms, as well as search phrases that include your company name. “Search engine marketing is where prospects begin the process of their buyer’s journey,” Koehler writes, and the best way to ramp up demand generation is “getting your company in front of these new buyers” in search results.