Quirky Job Titles can Puzzle Potential Candidates

by Talent Minded

Demonstrating company culture through quirky job titles is a fashionable practice that has picked up in popularity lately.

And while your company may indeed be looking for a Magical Web Wizard or a Superhuman Project Juggler, you shouldn’t necessarily advertise your jobs this way. Here’s why: When you use imaginative titles for your positions, your SEO takes a substantial hit (just consider how many people are searching for Magical Web Wizard jobs as opposed to web developer positions). Not only that, but often times, it can confuse or even put-off candidates. Veteran HR professional Michele Dortch explores this unhealthy practice — offering some helpful workarounds — in a recent write-up.

Dortch’s main argument is that, while you are demonstrating a positive company culture, you may be losing many qualified candidates in the process. There’s plenty of space in the body of your job posting to showcase that same corporate culture (while attracting more candidates, too).

Quirky job titles are often good for a laugh and offer a potential conversation-starter. But in the end, they’re more sizzle than steak; consider ditching them for meatier alternatives. For more on this topic, read the full article by Dortch.