Q3 in Retrospect: Paying Attention to Sales Conversion Metrics & Analytics

Devon-McDonald by

This quarter, the Sales and Marketing Support team at OpenView worked with our portfolio companies to get them laser focused on key metrics and benchmarks that should be top of mind for growing sales organizations.

For example:

  • We released a report on 9 Sales Benchmarks you should be analyzing
  • We invited Zorian Rotenberg of InsightSquared to lead a session on “Best Practices of Analytical Outbound Lead Generation Management” at our July Workshop.
  • We formed a partnership with InsightSqured where as our companies can utilize their technology through OpenView’s sales and marketing support team — at no charge.
  • …and last but definitely not least, we also have started an internal company index for participating companies to be able to see where they stack up against their portfolio peers when it comes to key outbound lead generation and new business metrics.

While the data for our companies is going to remain top secret (unless you are in the investment portfolio, of course!), I will share with you some key highlights that we were able to gather in from the portfolio survey work:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 3.53.22 PM

If you are in OpenView’s portfolio and would like to participate in next quarter’s Portoflio Index on New Business and Outbound Lead Generation Benchmarks, please reach out to CeCe Bazar in OpenView Labs ([email protected]).