Put a Freeze on Traditional Cold-Calling

by Customer Collective

Approaching an initial phone call with a prospective buyer as a “cold-call” will only set yourself up for failure.

In fact, “The Sales Hunter” Mark Hunter takes issue with the term “cold-calling,” itself, and the negative connotations it carries. In a recent post for his Sales Motivation Blog, he argues that by treating your initial sales prospecting as a chance to share information that can benefit the person you’re calling, instead, you can remove much of the awkwardness associated with what might otherwise be considered a random call.

The key, Hunter suggests, is to make the call about the prospect. Your goal should be to have five unique benefit statements and/or five pertinent pieces of information that you’re confident they will find interest in. For more advice on how to reconsider your sales prospecting approach, read Hunter’s full article here.

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