Project Management Trends to Expect This Year

by Work Management Blog

Learn three project management trends emerging this year.

Project Management and Software Development Life Cycle Lecture

Raechel Logan of the Work Management Blog offers three insights into how project management will change in 2013.

She draws upon a post written by V. Srinivasa Rao a few months ago in which the author listed seven project management trends for the next decade.

Logan collected her three favorites, the first of which is the trend toward project managers “moving beyond the triple constraint” of “on time, on scope, and on budget.” Managers should focus instead on whether the project provides its expected value, not just on the speed of its delivery. Next, project managers will more fully embrace “social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud,” changing “project templates, life cycles, approaches, and best practices” as they do so. Third, project management techniques will extend into more departments as managers there look for ways to get a handle on their work.