Project Management Success: Learn from Minecraft

by Work Management Blog

Learn five truths about project management success from the unlikeliest of sources: Minecraft.

Project Management Success: Learn from Minecraft

Brett Merritt, Content Marketing Director at AtTask, offers five project management success tips that he learned from his son’s passion for Minecraft.

First, Merritt says, you have to be versatile. “Change management in the enterprise is an essential skill,” so always “be expecting the unexpected so you can be ready to act.”

Next, be persistent. Just as it is in Minecraft, Merritt writes, you have to resist the urge “to walk away from the frustrations,” and “revisit, communicate, and collaborate.” Remember that there are “many people in so many departments,” so don’t assume your way is the right way. Let creativity be a collaborative effort.

Also, try coming at projects from different angles to “find untapped resources and fundamentally change” how you’re thinking about your problems.