Products Don’t Make Good Brand Protagonists, Customers Do

by Mashable

When developing and marketing technology, it’s easy for many companies to become overly focused on their product rather than their potential users and their needs.

According to Brian Solis, award-winning author of The End of Business As Usual, that’s a mistake that frustrated him throughout the beginning of his career in marketing and public relations. “It was always about features and speeds and fees, and not necessarily about how that technology would benefit an organization, a customer, or what have you.”

Solis sat down with Bryan Elliott, host of the web series Behind the Brand to discuss how it’s much more effective to center your marketing and branding story on the customer and the customer’s experience with your product, rather than your product in isolation. “Translate that story into the benefits of whomever [your] technology [is] for,” he advises. Potential customers are far more likely to connect with something when it is directly addressed to them and their needs.

For more the importance of shifting the focus of your company’s product design, presentation, and experience to the user, watch the full interview from Mashable.

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