Product Managers: Is Your New Job Underwhelming?

by The Accidental PM

Perhaps you’ve made a bad decision in deciding to take that new job.

While the money is better, you wish you could go back to the days of old. Everything about the job seems to be lousy. How did you, a capable product manager, find yourself in this situation?

You just made a bad decision.

Tracing the move back to its origin, it probably began with good intentions. But as Dr. Jim Anderson explains, while trying to justify the move, you may have exhibited what is known as “confirmation bias.” You tried to justify the decision, but did so with tunnel vision and bias. All hope is not lost, however. You still have some options.

Have a sit-down with the person that hired you and see if you can improve work conditions. Anderson says that this is usually easy to do, but internal fears usually prevent people from taking this self-helping step. If you decide that there’s isn’t a course to remedy your problem, you may have to find employment elsewhere. For more on what to do if you find your new product management job underwhelming, read the full article by Dr. Anderson.