Product Launch Tips: 4 Ways to Ensure Success

by Inc.

Consider these four tips and plan a more successful product launch.

Charlie Graham, founder and CEO of Shop It To Me, offers four tips for a more successful product launch in a post at Inc.

First, Graham says, “launch earlier than you think you should.” Realize that you’re never going to be completely satisfied with your product, and that there will always be room for improvement. “Wait just until [your product] can give a good first impression,” he writes.

Next, “don’t over-hype the product just for the sake of creating excitement.” Graham warns that “grandiose statements may garner press attention, but they’ll ultimately set you up for failure.” After that, always stick to your business objectives and know right away what you really want to accomplish with your product launch.

Plus, be aware that launching your product isn’t the end. “In the grand scheme of things, the launch is just one small step in building a great, sustainable product,” Graham says.

Photo by: DLR German Aerospace Center