Product Demos Are Your Chance for a Passionate Pitch

Product demos are a founder’s best chance to make a passionate, authentic pitch for its value.

product demos

Prabhakar Gopalan, founder, writes that product demos go a long way toward demonstrating your belief in the product.

In a post at On Product Management, Gopalan relates his experience of watching Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer deliver a flat keynote introducing “new and upcoming features in Windows 8 Server” in which his “lack of passion for the product was on display.” Gopalan contrasts Balmer with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s “detailed product review for Windows 8″ that Allen wrote on his personal website. “Founders are best marketers for their products,” Gopalan writes, “and there is a huge element of authenticity and passion inherent” to a founder’s product demos. After all, “if you are not in love with your own product,” Gopalan asks, “how can you expect someone else to buy” it?

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