Preparing Your Company for the Next Digital Evolution

by Smart Blogs

Digital media — and specifically, companies’ usage of it — is constantly evolving.

Any company that can’t keep current or is unable to properly utilize digital mediums will pay a hefty price over the long term. A company sends an overt message when it is unable to adapt to change. Analog dinosaurs don’t fair well in the digital world. Doris Nhan of Smart Blogs shares some thoughts from B. Bonin Bough, senior global director of digital and social media at PepsiCo, on the subject of adapting to digital evolution.

First and foremost, Bough believes that a company needs to be open to change in order to be prepared for it. A forward-thinking approach lends itself well to this ethos. Another point Bough makes is that, when readying your company for change, don’t expect the transition period to be hiccup-free.

Unreasonable expectations and a standard of perfection will often make companies overly methodical and paced when it comes to change. And by then, the next digital wave may already be crashing onto the shores. For more insights on preparing a company for digital evolution, read the full article by Nhan.

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