Getting Sales Reps Ready for a New Sales Territory Takeover

by Sales Benchmark Index

Before setting out to claim a new sales territory in the name of your company, it’s important for your sales reps to know the lay of the land.

As with any foray into uncharted waters, it’s crucial to do as much planning and preparation as possible prior to jumping in. In the case of taking over a new sales territory, that means making sure sales reps are supplied with the information they need to succeed. In a recent post for Sales Benchmark Index’s Sales Force Effectiveness Blog, Bryce Record lays out the marching orders you should pass along to your sales reps before sending them forth to conquer.

For starters, you should formulate your plan of attack based on the type of territory you’re after, and whether it calls for a Hunter or Farmer approach. Whereas Record highlights the steps that are critical for each approach, respectively, he also stresses that in either case, information is the #1 key to success. All sales reps should know both the customer and the territory before making their move. For more on the keys to expanding into a new sales territory, read the full article by Record.

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