Pitching at the C-Level without Striking Out

by Heavy Hitter Sales

When salespeople want to bypass hurdles during the sales process, they reach out to C-level executives.

This approach, while daunting, has a distinct benefit if pulled off correctly: the sale can be finalized with little protest. Most C-level executives have the ability to operate autonomously, without having to explain their actions to management teams above them. And since an inability to get clearance for a sale can be the bane of many sales professionals, this is a quick way to avoid that problem. Here’s what else you need to know:

  • People in the C suite are inundated by sales pitches. Yours will seem to fall in line with the rest of these if you can’t differentiate yourself and your company. Your sales methodology needs to be superior to the competition.
  • When you reach the C-level, you may struggle to find someone who wants to make a decision on the product side of things. They may have experience at an operational level, but products may not be within their operational domain.

A strong sales force will be able to overcome the logistical hurdles when it comes to pitching to C-level executives. When that happens, the rain is sure to come. For more information on this topic, read the full article by Steve W. Martin.