Pinpointing Spots for SEO Keywords in Corporate Blogging

by Top Rank

Incorporating keywords into a content marking strategy is a logical step at any company that has a desire to become relevant.

If you’re company isn’t concerned with showing up on the search engine radar, then just forgo this step. But, if you are concerned with SEO and want to improve your standings, then you need to immediately think about implementing a strategy here. Here’s how you go about making some SEO-inspired changes:

  • The first step is to find a keyword bank for your market segment. This will give your online marketing strategy guidance and point it in the right direction. Obviously, these will also be the actual SEO keywords you’ll be inserting into your copy.
  • Next, decide exactly how diluted your copy will be by keywords. The more keywords you use, the more diluted the copy becomes. Inserting a few keywords, however, has little impact on the actual copy and can be quite fluid.

Depending on your online marketing strategy, you may want to heavily ramp up your keyword usage. And the results may be well worth it. For more on SEO, read the full article by Lee Odden.