Perfect Timing: 4 Signs You’re Ready for a Product Launch

by Inc.

Launching too early can sink a good product, as can launching too late. So how do you determine when timing is right?

In the tech industry, the fates can be especially cruel to companies that miss their opportune launch windows. On one hand, you risk being showing up late to the party with software that’s been eclipsed — or, worse, rendered obsolete. On the other hand, you risk ending up like Friendster.

Perfect timing can sometimes involve as much luck as it does planning, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay close attention to factors you can control. Once you’re confident in your features, can argue why they trump those of a competitor, and you are close to shipping, it’s likely time to push the button, writes Erik Sherman in a post for Inc. For more tips on how to recognize your cue, read the full post here.

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