The Perfect Startup Hire: 5 Questions to Ask to Identify Ideal Candidates

by Inc.

Not just anyone can thrive in the controlled chaos of an early-stage startup. It takes a particular mix of characteristics and skills. Here are five questions to use in your startup recruitment to help you identify candidates who have them in spades.

What kind of employees can tolerate the craziness and thrive amid the excitement and unique challenges of a startup environment? “It’s a key question for founders,” writes Jessica Stillman in an article for Inc. “[They] need to find team members suited to the reality of life at a fledgling business.”

In order to get an expert’s advice, Stillman sat down with serial entrepreneur Todd Vernon, who most recently founded Boulder, Colorado-based advertising and analytics company Lijit Networks, to find out what qualities he thinks are essential when hiring for a start-up. Vernon has five questions he asks of every potential new team member to determine whether he or she has the right motivation for working at a startup — a hefty paycheck isn’t the best answer — can roll with the punches and setbacks that are bound to land during a startup’s formative years, and where the candidate falls on the control freak / jack-of-all-spades spectrum — in the early stages, you’ll need both. Read the full post for Vernon’s questions, and end your next recruiting campaign with the perfect startup hire.