People Development: a Predictive Process

vickilynn by Jossey Bass

Planning your people development processes.

As a manager, you may be tasked with the ‘people development’ that is essential to future goals of your organization. People development is the strategic, forward thinking management of an employee or group with a specific company goal in mind.

In order to successfully develop and strengthen the future performance of a particular group of people, you must first figure out what that future might look like. This will require that you create a process for identifying future priorities.

To do so, you will rely on a myriad of resources including; data from professional associations, benchmark organizations, internal executives and experts and the folks doing the job today.

Below is a  list of questions suggested by Jossey-Bass, for narrowing down future requirements of a certain group or employee type:

  • What do you envision this group of people doing over the next five years?
  • What will they do more of? less of?
  • What professional associations and experts shall I consult?
  • What changes in technology do you view as most significant?
  • How are you collecting examples of desirable practice and thought leadership?
  • How are you making that knowledge available to many?
  • Do we have employees who are already that way?

For the complete list of ‘people development’ interview questions, be sure to read the article in its entirety.