Passion Overdose Can Lead to Founder Mistakes

by Venture Beat

Passion is a powerful force driving entrepreneurs, but don’t let it lead you down the road to founder mistakes. Make sure your startup mixes profitability with passion.

founder mistakesChristoph Raethke, founder of Berlin Startup Academy, warns that “many would-be founders are driven by passions that, in a business sense, are a sweet poison – bound to kill you while you still can’t get enough of it.” One of the most common founder mistakes is to follow your passion into an industry that’s dying, overcrowded, or simply not very profitable.

Guiding entrepreneurs away from passion-fueled founder mistakes and toward a profitable venture is easier than you might think, Raethke says, since “someone who has found courage and an idea that he wants to build a company on is 80 percent there.” Abandoning doomed ideas born purely out of passion is necessary, because “passion directed at the wrong idea may be the greatest destructive force among the motivated people we need for our industry to make sense.”