Finance Transformation: The Art of Getting More from Your Finance Team

More and more companies are asking Finance to play a bigger role in their strategy and development. Here are some of the ways you should (and shouldn’t) be leveraging finance transformation to increase your team’s impact.


CEB, a member-based leadership advisory company, has posted many articles in the past year regarding finance transformation and how it is becoming an increasingly debated topic. Research confirms that companies are expecting their Finance teams to provide more support while reducing costs.


Building Your B2B Marketing Team: The Managing Editor Role

In this new series we’re breaking down the roles that make up a highly successful B2B marketing team. First up, learn all about the role of the Managing Editor, including skills to look for and a sample job description.


When you think of a “managing editor” you likely think of someone at a newspaper, maybe running the bullpen and yelling at the journalists. The role is traditionally to uphold editorial guidelines and approve stories for print or web copy, and to lead the day-to-day operations of the editorial team. In short, they call the shots.

But if you’ve been paying attention to new developments in the marketing world, you’ll have noticed the role increasingly popping up in new, unexpected places. Specifically, at B2B companies where managing editors are being brought on board to direct the creation, distribution, and promotion of content, including blog posts, reports, case studies, infographics, videos, webinars, and more.


AMA with Aaron Ross & Jason Lemkin: How to Build A Winning Sales Team

Two of the leading experts on SaaS sales and outbound prospecting opened up the floor to any and all questions on what it takes to build and scale a sales team that delivers results.

Aaron Ross Jason Lemkin promo image final

Building a best-in-class sales organization is one of the biggest hurdles executives face at the expansion stage. Hiring, training, and ramping up a team while maintaining and building momentum is a tall order, but it’s also essential to achieving the kind of rapid growth your company requires to succeed.


Your Messaging Sucks. Here’s How to Fix It

Have a value proposition that’s falling flat? The good news is that’s treatable. The bad news is it’s likely a symptom of a much bigger problem you need to address.


High-growth startup teams hear it all the time: Move fast. Fail fast. Rinse and repeat. While that is good advice — particularly for early-stage software companies that are trying to upend and outmaneuver much larger, slower-moving incumbents — it can also cause some founding teams to operate extremely off-the-cuff when it comes to marketing.

As a result, experimentation trumps strategy, little time is spent building a solid marketing foundation, and messaging becomes an afterthought.


Background Videos: Tech’s Hottest Homepage Trend or Passing Fad?

More and more tech companies are turning to the innovative use of video as backgrounds on their homepages. Is it the wave of the future or just another flash in the pan?


You’ve probably noticed them by this point. How could you not? Homepages everywhere are coming to life. Airbnb,, HubSpot. Where you’d once expect to see static background images now you’re surprised to see short video clips in motion.

Sure, they’re novel and eye-catching now, but are these new background videos just another flashy fad, or are they conveying something more?

I turned to creative director Keith Frankel, Host of CreativeMornings Boston and former Head of Creative and Design at HubSpot, to get his verdict.


LinkedIn CEO on Who Makes the Best Recruiters

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shares the five qualities he believes set remarkable recruiters apart, and the one thing all recruiters should be focusing on most.


Last week, the OpenView Talent Team attended the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference and a keynote session by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. During the session, Weiner shared his thoughts on the qualities that separate the most successful recruiters and hiring managers from the rest.


The Walking Dead Marketing Tactics: 13 Outdated Tactics We Should Bury for Good

13 of today’s top marketers let loose on the tactics they wish would go bump and disappear in the night.


Some marketing tactics just won’t give up the ghost. Despite all evidence pointing to their ineffectiveness, companies continue to resurrect and (mis)use them. From keyword-stuffing to QR codes, these are the things that give prospects and good marketers everywhere the chills.