Tech March Madness: The Final Four

And then there were four. We’re down to the semi-finals in our tournament to determine the most customer-centric company in tech. Who will move on to the championship? You decide by casting your vote!

Customer-Centric March Madness Final Four Zappos. Amazon. HubSpot. Instructure. After surviving two rounds of heated head-to-head match-ups, two of these companies will one step closer to being crowned the “Most Customer-Centric Company in Tech”. Who will it be? That’s for you to decide. But before you cast your votes, let’s take a quick look back at the tournament so far and the paths each semi-finalist took to get here.


8 Shortcuts to Successful Sales and Marketing Collaboration

There’s no one solution to achieving perfect sales and marketing collaboration. However, there are a few measures you can take to ensure your teams are harmonizing at full potential. Heinz Marketing President Matt Heinz is here with eight ways to develop a hyper-productive sales and marketing relationship.

8 Shortcuts to Sales and Marketing Collaboration | OpenView Labs

The concept of getting sales and marketing to work together more closely isn’t new. It’s been an issue for as long as sales and marketing teams have been working together (at least in theory) to drive predictable, sustainable growth for their business. Discussions around how to make sales and marketing collaboration work have been intensifying of late, which is a good thing. And the fact that we keep talking about it — at conferences, on discussion boards, and articles like this — is an indication that we’re far from solving the problem (or should we say, taking advantage of the opportunity).

The fact is, there’s no secret to making the two teams work as one. And the answer isn’t simply having more meetings. Below are eight specific shortcuts to help your organization (or your clients) accelerate their path towards sales and marketing collaboration nirvana.


5 Reasons Companies Fail to Earn Customer Loyalty

Your business may say it’s committed to cultivating customer loyalty, but are your actions backing up those words? According to Bain & Company’s Rob Markey, many companies make five key mistakes that keep them from building a more profitable network of loyal customers and promoters.

5 Reasons Companies Fail to Earn Customer Loyalty

Intuitively, most tech founders know that happy customers generally equate to passionate, loyal customers. Those clients typically buy more, stay longer, cost less to serve, and they often passionately encourage new customers to use your product, too.

But just how valuable is that loyalty? Quantifiably, it can be hard to assess. Unless, of course, you’ve implemented a clear system for gauging what Bain & Company partner Rob Markey calls the “economics of loyalty.”


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3 Steps to Creating a Smart SaaS Pricing Structure

Is your SaaS business facing a pricing crisis and you don’t even know it? Software pricing expert Jim Geisman shares three tips for developing a tiered pricing structure that clearly communicates the value of your various product options or editions.

How to Develop a Tiered Pricing Structure

Building a business around a single product is like standing on one leg: You can do it for a while, but in the long run you will fall down.


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Why You Should Let Customers Prioritize Your Backlog

Scrum Inc. consultant and Team WIKISPEED CEO Joe Justice breaks down the benefits of having your customers prioritize your product backlog by telling you exactly what it is they want to see delivered.

Lego People

How do you ship to your customers faster and deliver a better product you know they will love? Simple. Get them directly involved early in the process.

At any point, you might have 100 (or more) “to-do’s” in your product backlog that represent features your organization thinks your customers might want.

But as Scrum Inc. consultant and Team WIKISPEED founder and CEO Joe Justice explains, the best companies don’t let assumptions drive their product development. Instead, they prioritize based on something much more substantial and important — actual feedback from their customers.


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Are You Whimsically Hiring Sales Reps or Making Educated Revenue Investments?

For many companies, the process of building a sales team often feels like a revolving door of failed reps with only the occasional home run. In his new book, Hire Right, Higher Profits, sales management strategist Lee B. Salz explains the key to stopping the madness is to view hiring decisions just as you would any other investment.

You Need to Think of Hiring Sales Reps as an Investment

Hiring is an Investment: How to Maximize Your Return

As a sales manager, imagine you woke up this morning with an incredible idea to grow your company’s revenue. Unfortunately, that idea — as ingenious as it might be — is going to cost the company $25,000. To you, the expense is minimal relative to the potential revenue return. The trick is you’ve got to convince your management team to see it that way, too. How many hurdles will you have to jump over to get approval to proceed?


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The Savvy Interviewer’s Guide to Conducting Successful Interviews

“The Savvy Interviewer’s Guide: How to Conduct Successful Interviews and Improve Hiring Effectiveness” explains how to plan and execute a constructive interview process, assemble the right interview team, ask questions to properly vet candidates, and manage feedback following interviews.

Sales Management Secrets You Can’t Afford to Miss

How do the best sales managers motivate their “A” players while getting remarkable improvements out of everyone else? Sales executive, educator, and entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman shares his secrets to transformative sales management in this free webinar.

Sales Management Secrets You Can't Afford to Miss: Webinar with Jeff Hoffman

Sales Management Secrets

When it comes to managing your sales team effectively, you have a tricky balance to maintain. You obviously need to focus on retaining and getting the most out of your all-star “A” players, but you also have to put considerable effort into improving the rest of your team, not to mention making sure your less-than-steller “C’s” don’t bring down your business.

How can you accomplish it all and transform your team into a well-oiled machine? In this free webinar, sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman shares his secrets to perfecting your sales management.