10 Rules for Being a VP of Marketing at a Startup

From aligning with sales to building a team, here are 10 commandments for surviving and succeeding in one of the most challenging roles in tech.

10 Commandments for Being VP of Marketing at a Startup

Brendon Cassidy, now VP Sales at Talkdesk and former VP of Sales during the amazing growth of EchoSign from $1M ARR to $50M ARR and acquisition by Adobe, recently posted his 10 Rules to Being a VP of Sales in a Startup. The rules are spot-on for veteran and aspiring sales leaders considering a role in a startup. They also made me consider rules for the key startup role that I’m more familiar with — the VP of Marketing.


One Item on Every Successful Executive’s End-of-Year List

As the year comes to a close, the most critical thing you can do is step away from day-to-day tasks and take high-level stock of your company’s recent performance, current priorities, and future goals.

Quarterly Operating Review Prep Materials | OpenView Labs

Why End-of-Quarter Reviews Are So Essential for Driving Intelligent Growth

By this point in the year, that annual goal planning meeting you attended back in January probably feels like a lifetime ago. Between now and then you and the rest of the management team likely got caught up in the day-to-day execution of the business — putting out fires, jumping on new opportunities, reacting to changes in the market, your customers, your competition, etc. If you didn’t take the time to periodically reconvene and review your goals at a high level then you may now find yourself in a completely different place from where you initially planned and hoped when you originally set your goals.

That’s why establishing a quarterly operating review process — sitting down every 90 days to discuss your goals, review your progress, reassess priorities, and adjust your plan for moving forward — is so critical.


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12 Rules to Mastering the Art of Co-Marketing

Marketing executive and advisor Dan Slagen shares the lessons he’s learned creating the powerful partner relationships behind the marketing success at HubSpot, Nanigans, Wayfair, and HourlyNerd.

Dan Slagen on Mastering the Art of Co-Marketing | OpenView Labs

Co-marketing is the art of going to market with a partner. Getting it right can be tricky, but it’s a highly effective strategy that is especially well suited to nimble startups with minimal marketing budgets. Dan Slagen, CMO and advisor, has made co-marketing an important component of scaling marketing teams at HubSpot, Nanigans, Wayfair, HourlyNerd, and Rock Coast Media.


The Biggest Content Marketing Misconception Holding You Back

The majority of companies are developing more and more content simply for the sake of doing it. Kapost Senior Director of Content Marketing Jesse Noyes explains why missing the bigger picture is holding them back from bigger and better results.

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When you think of content marketing what comes to mind? Blog posts? Ebooks? Someone with glasses quietly typing away in the corner? While those details may be the first that spring to mind, they obviously don’t paint the full picture. The problem, says Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Content Marketing at Kapost, is that many companies unfortunately do more or less stop there, limiting their perspective of content marketing and its strategic role in their organization to a focus on single formats, channels, and a writing/editing skill set.

In fact, that is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding businesses have regarding content marketing today. And in many ways, it’s holding them back.


Employee Recognition as a Competitive Advantage

With the competition for tech hiring and retention heating up, taking your employee recognition and motivation to the next level can help give you the winning edge you need.

Case for Employee Recognition Programs | OpenView Labs

As you sat down to a plentiful Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family last week, did you think of giving thanks to your employees and colleagues? You know, the folks you spend 8-10 hours every weekday with? Otherwise known as the crew you’re trying to make a dent in the universe with, and without whom you would absolutely no chance of succeeding? When was the last time you let them know you were thankful for them?


Better Project Management: Discovering What Can Go Wrong So You Can Get it Right

If there’s one certainty in software product development, it’s that projects will almost certainly take longer — and involve more roadblocks — than you plan for. Hut 8 Labs co-founder Dan Milstein explains why product owners must be able to translate the business case of each project and uncover unknown challenges before they become disasters.

A Better Software Project Management Approach | OpenView Labs

Let’s say you’re a developer at a high-growth software company that has just accepted a round of funding and is preparing to build out new features for a particular target market. One day, the CEO and CTO call you into a meeting, present a handful of new functionality they want built into the product, and then drop the hammer — all of that functionality must be ready to go live in six weeks.

Naturally, you panic. The new features sound valuable, but the specs are vague and it isn’t very clear who will be using them. Even worse, the deadline doesn’t sound realistic, particularly when you factor in that software development almost always involves the unpredictable.


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Your Company’s Biggest Recruitment Challenge for 2015

The startup hiring landscape is changing. Here are three keys to staying competitive and hiring the best talent in 2015.

Startup Recruitment 2015: LinkedIn Report | OpenView Labs

LinkedIn recently released their annual report for the upcoming year’s recruitment trends, outlining the “3 Must Know Talent Acquisition Trends for 2015.” While I always think LinkedIn does a great job of outlining and displaying their data, this year’s report was the first I’ve seen that actually made me take a step back and re-evaluate what I might be up against in the coming year.


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Success Secrets for Incoming CMOs

What are the most important things you can do as a new Chief Marketing Officer to ensure success in your role? Jeanne Hopkins, Senior VP & CMO at Continuum Managed IT Services, shares what (and what not) to do to avoid the revolving door.

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Today’s startup and expansion-stage CMOs have it anything but easy. Not only do they face the tall order of executing an efficient and effective go-to-market strategy resulting in a steady pipeline of qualified leads, they also often operate with precious little room or leeway for error. From the minute they walk in they’re on the proverbial hot seat, and if they can’t clearly justify the ROI of their programs and quickly deliver results, it’s likely a seat they won’t be sitting in for long.

Drawing from her solid track record of success managing data-driven, high-velocity marketing programs at high-growth SaaS companies, Continuum Managed IT Services Senior VP & CMO Jeanne Hopkins explains how incoming CMOs can actively set the stage to flourish in their new position.