The Critical Question Every Startup CEO Needs to Ask Themselves

As a startup leader, it’s not only your job to grow your company, but to grow your own skill set along with it.

 Startup CEO Coaching: Critical Questions

When you’re a first-time startup CEO, it can feel like everything is riding squarely on your shoulders. You’re expected to be strong and decisive, to instinctively know the right answer to every question, and to pull all of the right levers to fuel smart, efficient growth. In that context, being CEO can feel like one of the most challenging — and lonely — jobs in tech.

The good news: It doesn’t always need to be. When it comes down to it, most startup CEOs have a roster of advisors, mentors, coaches, and investors at their fingertips. And they can often leverage those people to help them answer one big question: What skills and capabilities do I need to develop to help this business scale efficiently?


4 Steps for SaaS Global Expansion

Marketing consultant Teresa Becker breaks down the big decision of going global, explaining the top things SaaS executives need to consider and how they can start planning now.

SaaS Global Expansion Planning

The idea of expanding outside North America is often very daunting for companies — as it should be. There are many external and internal forces to consider. Often, the most paralyzing thought is, “What if I miss something big?” or, “What if I make a bad decision related to where we expand or how?”


How Successful Tech Startups Embrace Smarketing

What’s smarketing, you ask? As Continuum Senior VP and CMO Jeanne Hopkins explains, it’s nothing short of truly harmonious sales and marketing alignment. Sound too good to be true? Here’s how to achieve it.


As much as marketers would like to believe the campaigns they execute are innovative and creative, the truth is sales teams don’t really care about that, says Continuum Managed IT Services Senior VP & CMO Jeanne Hopkins. Instead, they’re interested in one thing, and one thing only: Results. Namely, whether or not those campaigns generate high quality leads that help them exceed their short-term sales goals.


Global Expansion for SaaS: Getting Started NOW (Upcoming Webinar)

Marketing consultant Teresa Becker walks you through the critical considerations for global expansion — a topic all SaaS executives should have top of mind.

SaaS Global Expansion Webinar

In a world where global lines are fading fast, it’s more important than ever to have a plan for global expansion — even at an early stage.

More often than not, companies wait for their competition to make a move first, or for some grand sign or market shift to make the choice for them. But for SaaS companies, global expansion requires a well thought-out game plan and thorough Go-to-Market strategy that could take months — if not years — to plan.

NOW is the time to start thinking about whether a global expansion move is right for your company (or not), and to begin putting together the pieces that will make a plan actionable and viable when the time is right.


4 Quick Hiring Fixes to Drive a 40% Boost in Business Outcomes

Did you know that simply improving the communication channel between hiring managers and recruiters can help improve your business performance by 40%?

 Hiring Manager Communication Tips

According to a recent report from Bersin by Deloitte, developing strong relationships between recruiters and hiring managers is by far the top driver of talent acquisition performance. This driver is 4x — I repeat — 4x more influential than 14 of the 16 performance drivers measured.

The problem, of course, is that — like sales and marketing — the relationship between hiring managers and recruiters can be a stormy one, and it’s by no means a guarantee that it will naturally develop into a productive, well-aligned partnership.


The First 90 Days: Tips for Surviving & Thriving at the New Job

From keys to mastering internal networking to simple ways of making it clear what you do and how you can help, here are a few new job survival tips for making that all-important first impression count.

The First 90 Days: New Job Tips

The first 90-days of any job is extremely important to your professional and personal development within the company. It is the time where you have the potential to impress or not. There are really two phases to a successful 90-day plan at any company:

  1. Self-Promotion/Personal Branding: The first step to building a successful career at your new job is first to understand yourself and the culture of the business.
  2. Internal Networking: You don’t become successful without knowing a lot of people and understanding their needs.

If you want to be stuck in the same position for your entire career, never helping the brand or rising above your own limitations, then stop reading now. You are wasting your time.


Every Manager Should Use This Employee Career Development Plan

Whether you are a brand new manager or you have decades of experience, one of the most impactful things you can do is facilitate the career development of the employees who report to you. Here’s an easy employee career development plan template that can help.

Employee Career Development Plan Template

As a business leader, one of your primary roles is to help your team members improve and achieve their professional goals. Of course, your motivation isn’t entirely selfless. The more your employees grow and add to/refine their capabilities, the more they will be able and motivated to contribute, and the more successful your company will be.

As a manager, then, it’s your job to determine the best way to motivate and enable your employees’ career development and to monitor their progression. By working closely with them, you can also proactively explore how they can be cohesively aligned to same business goals.


Why Marketers Should Experiment First and Ask Permission Later

As a marketer, when you spend more time pitching executives on the value of new ideas versus actually trying them, you’re digging yourself in a hole. Lattice Engines CMO Brian Kardon explains why early success is the best argument you can make.

Securing Marketing Budget: Experiment First, Ask Permission Later

When someone on Brian Kardon’s marketing team asks him if they can experiment with a new marketing tactic, tool, or approach, the Lattice Engines CMO’s answer can typically be summed up in three simple words: Just do it.


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