Field Marketing: Your Secret Weapon to Fuel Enterprise Sales (Upcoming Webinar)

More and more companies are turning to field marketing to provide sales with more targeted, personalized support. Learn how you can, too.


Enterprise companies have never been more inundated with cold calls, advertisements, and especially emails. While those tactics still have their place, some companies are starting to see diminishing returns. In order to be effective, account-based sales and marketing calls for something more — a function that can completely support the sales team (both new business and existing) from prospecting all the way to close in very targeted, personalized ways.

The truth is many leading-edge B2B SaaS companies are already achieving that level of support, and they’re doing it without creating a massive line item of new expenses. How? With field marketing.


B2B Oscars: Nominees for the Best Marketing Videos of 2014

It’s award season, and to celebrate we’re hosting our 3rd annual B2B Oscars, where you choose the best marketing, recruiting, and product videos of the year.

OpenView B2B Oscars: Best B2B Videos of 2014

The Oscars are on Sunday, but with all due respect to the Academy, why should they have all the fun? This past year we saw B2B companies raise the bar with their video marketing, and the best of the best deserve some recognition, too. 


14 Ways to Close the Deal This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day this weekend we’re sharing 14 sales tips to help you set the mood and win the big deal.

sales candy heart

Courting a new sales deal seldom comes easy, especially if it’s a complex B2B deal. Finding and wooing the right buyer/decision-maker takes time and commitment, not to mention the right messaging, processes, and support.

If you really want to vie for their affection you need to be at the top of your game. To help, here are 14 tips from top sales experts (set to some classic love songs) to sweep your next prospect off their feet.


5 Reasons Top Candidates Don’t Want Your Jobs

The best candidates don’t stay looking or interested for long. If you’re hearing a lot of “I’m no longer interested” a bad candidate experience may be to blame.


As a recruiter, I spend the majority of my day communicating with candidates. That includes not just reaching out and initially talking with them about open opportunities, but engaging with them at every point during their entire candidate experience — from phone screens to interviews and offers. Throughout it all, I receive an incredible amount of feedback, and over time, it’s developed into a fairly detailed picture of what makes a candidate experience great and — just as important — what makes it bad.


3 Reasons 2015 is the Year of Inside Sales

Sales 2.0 expert Anneke Seley and ZS Associates Manager Kyle Heller share new data pointing to the increasing investment in — and effectiveness of — B2B inside sales.

2015 is the Year of B2B Inside Sales

(Editor’s note: This post was guest written by Kyle Heller, a manager with renowned sales and marketing consultancy ZS Associates) 

In 2013, hosted its first Inside Sales Virtual Summit, one of the biggest gatherings of sales experts, presentations, and discussions online. TeleSmart Communications President Josiane Feigon, one of event’s speakers, had a notable quote that offered one of the biggest takeaways of the event:

“Prospects now participate in sales presentations via Skype, web conferencing, and video. These tools are quickly catching on and overtaking face-to-face visits and traditional meetings, which are expensive and too time consuming for busy buyers. Inside sales will soon surpass field sales.

While that prediction was made over a year ago, the market seems determined to make it a reality. In fact, a recent study ZS Associates conducted with Reality Works Group’s Anneke Seley, “Outside In: The Rise of the Inside Sales Team,” found that smaller high-tech companies and startups already generate 55 percent of sales from inside teams. Meanwhile, 40 percent of large technology companies plan to increase their inside sales headcount by 2016.


Alive & Kicking: New Data Confirms Email Marketing is Not Dead

The power of email marketing to any B2B strategy cannot be understated. Email has enjoyed over 20 years as a communication medium and is going strong — driving value for both B2B and B2C marketers.

RIP Email | OpenView Labs

For those of you living under a rock, our friends at the Salesforce Marketing Cloud released their annual State of Marketing report last month where they surveyed thousands of marketers (5,000 to be exact). All the questions asked dealt with uncovering top marketing priorities for this year, and the report includes a large section on email marketing, which — in case you were wondering — is still very much relevant.


3 Keys to Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

For startups — especially those based outside of the major tech hubs — distributed teams are often a necessity, not an option. But while new tools and technology make coordinating remote employees easier than ever, keeping them fully engaged and productive can still pose challenges.


There are many pros and cons of hiring remote employees that you should consider when building out your team. On one hand, having a (partially or entirely) virtual workforce can help you attract and retain top talent outside of your limited geography, while even helping you cut down on certain expenses (office space, relocation fees, etc.). On the other hand, getting distributed teams to work together seamlessly can require you to address some significant collaboration and scheduling challenges.

If you have decided to hire a remote employee(s), one of your tasks as their manager is making sure you give them everything they need to stay productive, and that you keep them motivated, supported, and engaged.


The Neglected Audience B2B Marketers Should Be Targeting

While B2B marketers should craft messaging for the specific audience their software is designed to help, Continuum Senior VP and CMO Jeanne Hopkins says it’s important not to neglect another group that plays a key role in buying decisions.

 Marketing to Technical Buyers

When enterprise companies invest in new software, they typically focus on how a particular product or service will help them address a key functional pain point (i.e., marketing automation to optimize marketing campaigns). Before signing off on a deal, however, those companies also typically consult another key part of their team: IT.