Outside the Box Benefits: 4 Creative Perks Employees Love

by Inc.

With another War for Talent brewing, companies should jump at any opportunity to set themselves apart and give themselves a leg up with both potential and current employees. Here’s how the most innovative are offering creative benefits that are outside the box.

Creative perks may have gotten a bad rap thanks to the dot com boom and bust, but that’s really a shame, argues Erik Sherman in a post for Inc. “When competition for talent is tight and so is money, being smart about how you show appreciation for employees can be a great way to retain people,” he writes. Some of today’s more innovative companies are bringing creative perks back, however, and some of the more interesting include concierge service, flexible advancement, and “unlimited” (or at least not strictly monitored) vacation days.

“Some companies [even] let employees determine bonus levels for each other,” Sherman writes. “For example, San Francisco-based online labor marketplace Coffee & Power gives its 15 workers 1,200 stock options to award to colleagues.” The potential upside with both that approach and not tracking vacation days is that not only is the company putting power into the hands of employees, it’s also freeing up administrative efforts and costs. For more on creative perks that can help you attract and retain top talent, read the full post here.

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