Out of Sight, Out of Control: 5 Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

by VentureBeat

Outsourcing is often a necessary way for startups and expansion-stage companies that are tight on time and resources to optimize efficiency, but as a solution it’s far from pain or risk free.

The lure of outsourcing can be enticing, writes Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, but you need to tread carefully. DeMers warns that there is “a minefield of potential mistakes that can severely hamper your efforts or even kill your startup,” and in a guest post for VentureBeat he outlines the top five to watch out for, including inadequate vetting, insufficient management, and outsourcing things that shouldn’t be outsourced in the first place, such as mission critical tasks and tasks that “touch” the client or customer.

Read DeMers’s full article for more outsourcing mistakes to avoid as well as advice on what types of tasks are actually best suited for outsourcing.


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