OpenView's Q4 B2B Marketing Workshop: A Whirlwind of Actionable Ideas for 2013

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b2b marketing workshop

Last week, OpenView hosted a “B2B Marketing Workshop” for the Senior Marketers and Demand Generation Leaders in the portfolio. The one-day session led by thought leader Brian Carroll of MECLABS, covered a lot of material in a short time period (as you can clearly see below), but our portfolio leaders (as usual) brought their “A-game”, ready to both absorb and share best practices with one another.

As we wrap up 2012 and head into a new year it is important that expansion-stage marketing teams get clarity and create actionable game-plans to optimize the following items, which (not so coincidentally) made up our workshop agenda:

Building the foundation of your lead generation program

  • Who are you targeting? Identifying buyer personas
  • Creating the killer value proposition
  • Delivering the message with high quality content

Mastering Essential Lead Generation

  • Inbound marketing tactics
  • Outbound marketing
  • How to select your lead generation mix

Uncovering Qualified Leads

  • Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales
  • Identifying the marketing-sales funnel
  • Finding the gold: Identifying and qualifying leads
  • Harvesting high quality leads with nurturing programs

Lifting Results

  • Lead generation analysis
  • Automation analysis
  • Metrics that matter
  • Delivering marketing value to the C-Suite
  • A note on marketing leadership

b2b marketing workshop

Our portfolio attendees all walked away from the workshop with MECLAB’s VERY robust handbook that covered all of the B2B Marketing best practices, templates, etc. discussed during the sessions (and then some!), but here are some additional content resources referenced throughout the day that could be helpful to you:


b2b marketing workshop

And of course, the event kicked off with a cocktail reception the evening before in our Studio space to encourage portfolio marketers to mingle, make the connection, and perhaps even talk best practices over some frosty brews!

Cheers to a great Q4, B2B Marketers!