OpenView's Lead Qualification Management Workshop: A Success!

Devon-McDonald by

Last week, OpenView hosted a Lead Qualification Management Workshop for sales management teams within our portfolio, and it proved to be a success. Nearly every company from portfolio was represented at the day-and-a-half-long session, which was encouraged to be more of a “roundtable discussion” compared to other workshops/forums that OpenView hosts quarterly. Yes, of course there were presenters with assigned topics to facilitate the conversations, but the audience was encouraged to ask questions and share best practices that have worked for their respective teams so that everyone could learn from one another.

The agenda included presenters such as:

What a great group — if you are not following these presenters from a social standpoint — do yourself a favor and look them up!

Outside of the presentation schedules, it was wonderful to see management teams from different companies interact with one another and make the connection. At the expansion stage, lead qualification teams (i.e. teams who support the front of funnel activity) are facing similar challenges, and I’m quite confident that they will now start to use one another as a resources in the future to share best practices and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams.

You know an event is a success when at the end you hear: “Can we do this again next quarter?”  So nice to hear 🙂

Thank you to the attendees for making it a great session — your enthusiasm and drive to always become better is so very impressive!


Editor’s note: For more lead qual insight from the presenters, be sure to check out our Lead Qualification Roundtable Series, featuring their their best practices, keys, and secrets to lead qualification success — from what it takes to get a team launched to the best ways to keep each member primed and motivated.