Is Online Influencer Outreach Overrated?

by Convince & Convert

Are online influencer endorsements really all they’re cracked up to be? In order to generate more productive brand advocacy with greater impact, you may want to focus your early efforts on another important group, instead.

If you really want your influencer outreach to amount to more than a blip on the social radar, you might want to shift your focus from audience to advocacy, argues social media and content strategist Jay Baer. In other words, true influence is less about the number of Twitter followers someone has, and more about the amount of passion he or she has regarding a particular subject or cause, and how much they can inspire that passion in others. In that sense, Baer argues that many companies may be better served tapping into their audience of customers — “people who may score low on audience, but are off-the-charts on advocacy” — before they embark out on major influencer outreach.

“You need to identify and activate the passion for your brand. Don’t just collect your fans like baseball cards, help them DO something!” writes Baer. “Passionate fans should be enabled and encouraged to go from like to love, to grow their personal and collective advocacy, with your brand cheering them on and giving them passion-worthy access and assignments.” Once you’ve achieved a groundswell of customer advocacy, then you can reach out to influencers and ask them to cover and be a part of your movement rather than provide a blurb for your product. That way, the audience level goes up, but so does the advocacy quotient, argues Baer. “The result = influence, not just idle chatter.”

Read Baer’s full post at Convince and Convert for more on how to generate greater results from your influencer outreach.

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