Nurturing Leads with a Virtual Goodie Bag

by Tele-Smart

During award show season, it’s easy to spot a few Hollywood practices that could be very effectively repurposed for business duty.

The coveted goodie bag, which is given out to attendees of the posh award show events, is enough to make a spot on a guest list attractive. Much in the same way, a company can nurture its leads by offering up a virtual goodie bag. Josiane Feigon, inside sales thought leader, lists a few gift ideas to fill out a virtual goodie bag and win leads over:

  • Dig up and deliver some cool-but-relevant YouTube videos for your leads. Forwarding content like this can have an impact as substantial as creating content yourself — for the right audience, that is. That said, it’s important to get your video picks right.
  • Another item Feigon suggests using is the webinar. By holding a webinar and sending it out to your leads you can potentially pull them into your sales funnel, if you’re covering a topic that’s relevant to them.

In the end, the goal of your goodie bag is to entice your leads into action. And all of your items should aim to accomplish as much. For more on nurturing leads with a virtual goodie bag, read the full article by Feigon.