Your Move: Bunchball Hopes to Take Gamification to the Next Level

by VentureBeat

There’s a lot of buzz around gamification and its ability to increase customer engagement as well as employee engagement, and a new series of apps may take the marketing trend to the next level.

According to VentureBeat, gamification leader Bunchball is launching 10 new apps that will “gamify” (make non-game apps and processes more game-like) websites and enterprises in a quick and painless fashion. The result could be a step forward for marketers who hope to utilize gamification tactics to better encourage prospects to take advantage of free trials, engage more actively in product feedback and discussion, and eventually convert from free users to paid customers. In addition, some of the apps will also be geared toward allowing companies to easily set up gamified competition among employees such as salespeople.

With gamification graduating from trend to movement, Bunchball can expect competition, and the good news for B2B marketers is that they should benefit from the results — better solutions, increased support, and ease of use.