New Scrum Teams Ripe for Meltdown

vickilynn by The Scrum Alliance

Ease Scrum Transition with these Tips.

Carrie Schonhoff, CSM, CSP, recently penned an article for “The Scrum Alliance” on the near inevitability of meltdowns during the early stages of Scrum adoption. Schonhoff suggests that while new Scrum teams may start on shaky ground, “once the meltdown has passed, these same teams really start to understand the Scrum framework.”

Schonhoff writes that one of the main reasons for Scrum meltdowns is fear of change. Most humans resist change at first. Scrum challenges how we do things. It forces people to see the big picture.  Scrum also forces employees to think on their own. This can be uncomfortable for those used to getting a list of tasks to complete.

Schonhoff offers the following tips to help ease the transition to Scrum:

1. Talk more. Chat face to face with team members on a regular basis. Often people need to be heard before they can buy in to the new process.

2. Encourage feedback: Let team members know that you want them to speak frankly and respectfully in meetings.

3. Have fun: Make the meeting place a brighter, more colorful place. Throw in a few toys.  It will bring the team closer.

4. Be a good ScrumMaster: Be calm, upbeat,  humble, and ask questions.

5. Listen: Listening is the key to understanding and once a team member knows that you understand, they can move on.

Scrum is hard at first, but the productivity payoff is worth the effort!