Money Need vs. Motivation

Needy sales people are not always money motivated.

Sales development expert Dave Kurlan explains the difference between ‘money motivation’ and ‘money need’ for a sales professional. When a salesperson is assessed to not be money motivated, yet constantly talks about needing more money, what does this mean?

According to Kurlan, the following are key differentiators:

  • Money motivated salespeople don’t ask for more money, they earn it.
  • Money motivated salespeople want the money for extras like vacation homes, travel, and boats.
  • Salespeople with ‘money need’ want the money to pay bills.
  • Salespeople with ‘money need’ expect you to give them the money.

By putting sales people that are in ‘money need’ through a professional goal setting program, you can transform them into the ‘money motivated’ productive, profitable sales people your company needs.