Meeting Planner Lessons – Catering


Meeting Planner LessonsWhen you work as an Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Event/Meeting Planner, in Support Services, or in Operational Support, you never know when your personal network will help you in your career.

I was at a friend’s birthday party this past weekend which was catered by a small company called KristopherRobin catering. The entire event was basically a glorified cocktail hour. The food was phenomenal! The staff, Kristopher, Robin and another server were wonderfully courteous and made sure that everyone across the entire party got a chance to sample the hors d’oeuvres.

The reason I mention this is because in a previous post, “Meeting Planner Lessons,” I described how I needed to lower my cost for catering. I did not know that the event I was going to on my personal time was going to give me a lead on something for work.

I will be contacting KristopherRobin catering to find out how this Boston venture capital firm can use their expertise (and delicious food) at the next event we host for our expansion stage portfolio companies.