Measuring Social Marketing: What’s a Facebook ‘Like’ Worth to You?

by Selling Power

The value of a Facebook “like” will vary greatly between companies.

Some businesses will find that they can sometimes directly translate to customers. Other business, however, will see very little correlation between their Facebook popularity and additional leads. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, they say.

Julie Bevacqua, vice president of global marketing for CDC Software, has shaped the social strategy at her company and learned a thing or two in the process. Bevacqua’s perception is that, in order to assess the value of Facebook likes, a company must account for all of the variables in play. Depending on your business model, Facebook may be more or less beneficial. If you’re direct-to-consumer, you’re more likely to be able to tap into that market through Facebook, she writes. Speaking of variables, metrics are vital for social media. With it readily being a less-understood marketing medium, having metrics at your disposal to confirm or debunk issues is a must, she says.

Assuming that your Facebook “likes” are unilaterally favorable is a foolish mistake. Without properly assessing their specific value to your business, it’s impossible to gauge their importance in your overall social media strategy. For more on Facebook, read the full article by Bevacqua.