Maximizing Usability While Minimizing Effort


The importance of usability can not be stressed enough.

It’s time commitment, however, leaves people wondering how to budget it into operations. Informal usability testing is a great substitute with a minute commitment that can yield terrific results. Possessing 20 years of experience in dealing with usability, Steve Krug knows how to streamline the process, making it efficient and, most important of all, expedited.

So what exactly is the least you can do? Essentially, the purpose is to keep your usability testing so simple that anybody can do it. If you don’t do much testing, it may be because your methods are too complicated. Simplification, here, is likely needed. If you choose to take this approach, you will be able to increase usability while minimizing your commitment.

Putting in a minimal amount of effort may seem counterintuitive, but this practice is optimized to yield you a great return when it comes to usability findings.