Interactive Content Marketing Tools: Brackify

These days, if you want your content to stand out and get noticed you’ve got to offer new and engaging experiences. Rising above the flood of blog posts, eBooks, and webinars can be a tall order, but there are tools that can help marketers get more creative and connect with their audience in unique new ways.

Interactive Content Marketing Tool: Brackify | OpenView Labs

In this new series I’ll be covering the latest tools to help you take a more innovative approach to content marketing. First up: Brackify.


The Building Blocks of an Amazing Content Strategy

Every business has desired actions for their users. In order to get them there you need a well thought out content strategy.


You can’t just throw content against the wall and see what sticks. That might be an effective strategy when your cooking pasta, but when you’re trying to convert users, you’ll find it to be far less helpful. So before you start, you need to sit down and develop a content strategy. Discover the four questions that will get you to where you need to be in this post at Intronis by Kevin Cain.

Every piece of content you create is aimed at your users, says Cain, so you must start with them. What do you know about them? Not just who they are, but where they get stuck, how they like to access content and what you want them to do? Click through to learn how to get started.


5 Practical Content Marketing Tactics Your Team Should Live By

Spinning your wheels with content marketing? Bullhorn Senior Director of Marketing Doug Ellinger shares five practical tactics to get you on track.

5 Practical Content Marketing Tactics to Get You On Track | OpenView Labs

By this point, you likely realize how valuable content marketing can be as a key driver of business. Done right, it can help generate and nurture leads, boost sales, and establish your company as an influential thought leader. But if your idea of impactful content is limited to a bunch of blog posts  with keywords sprinkled here and there, you might want to rethink your strategy.

According to Doug Ellinger, Senior Director of Marketing at recruiting software company Bullhorn, in order to be successful, there are five core content marketing tactics his team lives by.


Why Employee Created Content Can Be Your Secret Weapon

You’re sitting on a wealth of content resources and you might not even realize it. Here’s how to utilize employee created content to your advantage. 

 Co-workers in a meeting1

Constantly creating content is no walk in the park. But when marketers are the only ones who have a say in the process, you can lose some truly valuable topics and knowledge your customers would love to learn more about. In this interview at Convince & Convert, Terry Foster of Cision Canada explains why you should seriously consider incorporating some employee created content.

In fact, your employees might be just the start, according to Foster. You can also team up with your customers to create cooperative content that brings material from every angle in your organization.

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5 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools

Before you get caught up in the countless marketing resources out there, make sure you’ve mastered these five content marketing tools.

5 Must-Have Content Marketing Tools | OpenView Labs

Have you noticed how many new companies have popped up in recent years with the aim of helping content marketers be more successful?

The resources available are endless: There are some companies that offer writing services and others that can help you with content management and content delivery. Still others provide services to measure your content’s impact or help you increase the levels of engagement that your content drives.


Why It’s Time to Reverse Your Funnel to Turn Customers into Advocates

Now more than ever, it’s time to stop spending all your time chasing new customers and start marketing to the ones you have. Marketing strategist Sue Duris explains why.

Post-Sale Nurturing: Turn Customers into Advocates | OpenView Labs

Retention marketing efforts don’t receive nearly the attention that customer acquisition efforts do. For many companies (especially SaaS companies reliant on renewals), that’s a big mistake that results in a lot of missed opportunities.


Using Visuals to Boost Marketing Engagement 180%

Face it — your customers are busy and they WILL ignore your content if it doesn’t immediately catch their attention. To stand out, bestselling author Ekaterina Walter recommends thinking beyond the realm of traditional content formats and opening your eyes to the power of visual marketing.

Using Visuals to Boost Marketing Engagement 180%

As content marketers, many of us operate in a black and white world. We invest an enormous amount of time (and resources) into producing case studies, blogs, white papers, and eBooks, but often pay little attention to the visuals that accompany — or complement — that content.

According to renowned marketer Ekaterina Walter, that’s a big mistake. Just consider these numbers from Walter’s newest book, The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand:

  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Web posts with visuals drive up to 180 percent greater engagement than those without.
  • Web visitors spend 100 percent more time on pages with videos, than those without.

The words you write are important — but it’s the visuals that amplify your content’s value and help you rise above the sludge of mostly garden variety B2B content.


Announcing the 2014 B2B Oscars Winners

Your votes are in! Find out which companies made the videos you selected as the best B2B marketing videos of the year.

Announcing the 2014 B2B Oscars Winners

A special thanks to everyone who voted in OpenView’s 2nd Annual B2B Oscars! This year’s awards were hotly contested, and each of the nominees in our five categories should be celebrated for raising the bar for excellence and setting new standards for what we can expect from B2B video marketing. That said, there could only be one winner in each category. And with it becoming more and more difficult to cut through the noise to connect with our customers, this year’s videos are terrific examples of how the best and brightest companies continue to find creative and powerful ways to stand out from the pack.

Without further ado, the B2B Oscars go to…