Content Marketing 101: Your Ultimate Resources Guide

Your one-stop collection of actionable tips, tools, and resources to take your content marketing to the next level.

 Ulimate Content Marketing Resources Guide | OpenView Labs

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How Most B2B Brands Get Facebook Wrong (And How to Get it Right)

Like it or not, Facebook is a viable and important channel for B2B brands, too. Social media marketing expert Mari Smith shares her tips for making the most of its rapidly evolving marketing and advertising options.


If you look at lists of the most successful brands on Facebook, you’ll notice a trend. No, not that they’re food, beverage, or clothing companies (which is true). But more generally, that they’re consumer companies. Naturally, that can lead many B2B marketers to assume that Facebook — despite boasting more than 1 billion users — is not really the best forum for B2B marketing and customer engagement.

Social media thought leader and Facebook aficionado Mari Smith says that presumption is bogus.


Email Marketing Hacks to Double Your Response Rates

Learn quick, actionable tactics to boost your email marketing performance and see measurable results.

Email Marketing Hacks to Double Your Response Rates | OpenView Labs

Last week, sales and marketing strategist Matt Heinz delivered one of the most popular presentations at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference. Not only did his session, “25 Email Marketing Hacks & Best Practices to Double Your Response Rates” fill up the room beyond capacity, attendees had to be turned away from an encore of the session rapidly scheduled for the next day, as well.

If you missed out on Matt’s presentation, or if you’re just curious to know what all the fuss was about, we’re offering a free encore encore presentation of the session live via webinar this Thursday, September 25th at 1:00PM EDT. Register now to reserve your spot.


The Best Content Formats for Each Stage of the Buyer Journey

Buyers are bombarded by more and more content every day. Learn how to rise above the noise (and make better use of your resources) by creating content specifically targeted for each stage of their buyer journey.

 Content Types for Targeting Each Step of the Buyer Journey | OpenView Labs

If you’re creating content simply for the sake of having a blog or because you’ve been told you should, don’t expect to see big results. In order to make content marketing truly worthwhile, you need to take a strategic and systematic approach. It starts with breaking down your target customers’ buying journeys, and identifying “sticking points” where they are getting caught up and failing to convert. From there, you can focus your efforts on attacking those bottlenecks and “unsticking” more and more potential buyers with the right content in the right context at the right time.


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Increase Visual Content And Increase Engagement

Adding even a little bit more visual content can do wonders for how people respond to your content.

stands out

You might win people over with your words (as any good copywriter would tell you), but you won’t win their eyeballs. But the fact is, before you can win them over you need to make sure they’re engaged with you. So where do you find your hook? Lee Odden reached out to nine industry experts for advice on how to emphasize visual content in this post at Top Rank Blog.

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Keys to Designing Smart Survey Questions

If you want data you can actually use, designing smart survey question is a skill you must perfect.


It’s not terribly difficult to get answers when you ask a question. Any conversation with a three year old will show you that. But how do you get the answers that will actually help you out? Stop asking a three year old for directions to the mall for one. Designing smart survey questions for your users isn’t as much of a stretch from that scenario as you might think, which is why this post at KISSMetrics outlines 5 tips that will help you improve your questions, and therefore your answers.

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Why Your Marketing Team Needs an Editorial Calendar [Free Template Included]

It’s the one tool no self-respecting content marketer would be without. But the truth is if content plays even the slightest role in your strategic marketing approach, an editorial calendar will improve your ability to get organized, plan ahead, and see a bigger return on your marketing efforts.

BarCamp schedule board

Let’s start off with a quick bottom line: If your content production is tied to specific strategic marketing goals then you need an editorial calendar.

It is a crucial tool that allows you to plan ahead, delegate tasks, and benchmark your success.


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Forget the Unicorn: Building Your Marketing Automation Team

Still chasing after one magic marketing person who can do it all? It’s time to wake up. LeadMD CEO Justin Gray explains why you need a team to fully leverage marketing automation properly, and points to five critical roles to hire for first.

 Forget the Unicorn: Building Your Marketing Automation Team

This may radically change your way of thinking, but it must be said: marketing automation is marketing. That is, MA is not something that lives and operates separately from the rest of your marketing endeavors. Unlike search, PPC, advertising, direct mail, email and events, marketing automation is a platform on which to structure your overarching marketing strategy and goals.