5 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Themselves

Marketers: your to-do list may be filled to the brim, but sometimes it’s best to stand back and take a look at your hard work. In this post, OpenView’s Morgan Burke shares the five most important marketing questions you should be asking yourself.

5 Important Marketing Questions to Assess Your Why | OpenView Labs

As you embark on new marketing opportunities, there’s a plethora of things to learn: a new company culture, a potential new industry, a new target market, new automation tools, and the ever-changing algorithms of Google and almost every social channel. It’s easy to let the daunting learning curve hold you back from taking charge of your role.


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Marketers: Stop Chasing Perfection and Just Ship It

The concept of minimum viable product isn’t just for software developers. OpenView’s Devon McDonald explains how marketers can benefit from a “just ship it” mentality.

perfection is a mirage

Startup marketers often fancy themselves as the creative branch of their growing company’s brand — the artists tasked with crafting the perfect message for the perfect customer at the perfect time. The result of that sometimes-misguided sense of purpose is that marketers (and, at times, the expansion-stage companies they work for) generally become obsessed with the mirage of perfection.


Marketers: Sorry, But Your Opinions Don’t Matter Anymore

If Don Draper were still in the marketing game, he’d be trusting data more than his gut.

The New Don Draper: Data-Driven Marketers | OpenView Labs

If you’re a fan of Mad Men and watch the show religiously like I do, then you’ve probably caught yourself doing it at least once or twice — looking around your own office, with its open floor plan, the noticeable lack of ash treys and decanters, and marveling at how much things have changed since the “glory days” of ’60s advertising.


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How to Pitch Guest Blog Posts: The Do’s and Don’ts

Getting featured in a top-tier publication can help build your brand, generate quality back-links, and win you more customers. But it’s often easier said than done. Here are a few key do’s and don’ts for getting editors to actually respond.

How to Pitch Guest Blog Posts | OpenView Labs

I come from a reporting background and know all-too-well the annoyances of being an editor, fielding tons of requests, and pushing people to meet necessary deadlines. Now that I have my marketing hat on, I’m officially on the other side of this relationship — and I want to change our bad wrap.


8 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Relationships with Influencers

Building an influencer marketing program cannot and should not happen overnight. If you want to build a program that will last, it starts with relationships, and relationships need to be real. Handshake man - women

As we’ve built out our influencer program at OpenView, I’ve learned that you need to take a lot of steps back. If your initial goals are to secure some guest content from a top influencer or get someone to share everything you publish the minute it goes live, you’re way ahead of yourself and you (and your team) need to reevaluate your strategy.


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3 Things Sales Reps Wish Marketers Would Stop Doing Now

Sales vs. marketing — it’s the longest established rivalry in B2B. But according to these sales reps, all could be resolved if marketers would simply stop doing three things that drive them crazy.


The relationship between sales and marketing is a two-way street. And while it may be bumpy ride at times, it’s incredibly important to keep the communication flowing both ways. To help facilitate that process — and to get everything out in the open — I recently reached out to marketing experts to see what grinds their gears when it comes to working with business development reps (BDRs). Now it’s only fair that we turn the tables and letting BDRs voice their biggest marketing pet peeves. And the good news is, each and every complaint has a solution.


How to Conduct Win/Loss Analysis to Drive Strategic Growth

Conducting win/loss analysis is one of the most cost-effective ways of generating the insights you need to increase revenue and grow your business. So why aren’t you doing it? Marketing strategist Sue Duris walks you through the process.

How to Conduct Win/Loss Analysis | OpenView Labs

I have been involved with win/loss Analysis from the product and sales sides since the mid–1990’s and have written about the subject since 2009. To this day, I do not understand why more companies aren’t conducting win/loss interviews, analyzing results and implementing lessons learned.


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The Marketer’s Toolkit: 10 Rules of Social Media

You realize social media can be a valuable tool for elevating your brand and establishing yourself as a thought leader, but are you playing by the right rules to be truly effective?

10 Rules of Social Media Marketing | OpenView Labs

These rules apply to employees or contractors who create or contribute to social networks, forums, groups, or any other kind of virtual interaction on behalf of a business. Whether you use Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, Quora, or Facebook pages — these guidelines are for you.