Consumer Psychology: Getting Inside the Minds of your Users

You know the key to increased loyalty (and revenue) is giving users what they want, but why are you simply guessing when it comes to consumer psychology?

Consumer Psychology: Getting Inside the Minds of your Users

If you invite users to your office only to have them lie down on the couch and tell you about their parents, you’re probably just going to freak people out a little. OK, a lot. Social media moves fast, you know. Luckily there’s another way to gain insight into consumer psychology, thanks to this eBook Neil Patel has made available at QuickSprout.

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Using Visuals to Boost Marketing Engagement 180%

Face it — your customers are busy and they WILL ignore your content if it doesn’t immediately catch their attention. To stand out, bestselling author Ekaterina Walter recommends thinking beyond the realm of traditional content formats and opening your eyes to the power of visual marketing.

Using Visuals to Boost Marketing Engagement 180%

As content marketers, many of us operate in a black and white world. We invest an enormous amount of time (and resources) into producing case studies, blogs, white papers, and eBooks, but often pay little attention to the visuals that accompany — or complement — that content.

According to renowned marketer Ekaterina Walter, that’s a big mistake. Just consider these numbers from Walter’s newest book, The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand:

  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Web posts with visuals drive up to 180 percent greater engagement than those without.
  • Web visitors spend 100 percent more time on pages with videos, than those without.

The words you write are important — but it’s the visuals that amplify your content’s value and help you rise above the sludge of mostly garden variety B2B content.


Increase Conversion from Your About Us Page with Punched Up Copy

Don’t let the About Us page of your website fall by the wayside; you can easily increase conversion with a compelling, simple message.

Increase Conversion from your About Us Page with Punched Up Copy

You pore over your homepage. You agonize about every aspect of your sign up flow. You constantly reconsider everything in your Contact Us form. So why be flippant when it comes to your About Us page? It’s an incredibly useful page, but one too many companies spend little time considering this. In this post at Unbounce, Jen Havice examines how you can increase conversion from that page with some carefully crafted messaging.

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8 Shortcuts to Successful Sales and Marketing Collaboration

There’s no one solution to achieving perfect sales and marketing collaboration. However, there are a few measures you can take to ensure your teams are harmonizing at full potential. Heinz Marketing President Matt Heinz is here with eight ways to develop a hyper-productive sales and marketing relationship.

8 Shortcuts to Sales and Marketing Collaboration | OpenView Labs

The concept of getting sales and marketing to work together more closely isn’t new. It’s been an issue for as long as sales and marketing teams have been working together (at least in theory) to drive predictable, sustainable growth for their business. Discussions around how to make sales and marketing collaboration work have been intensifying of late, which is a good thing. And the fact that we keep talking about it — at conferences, on discussion boards, and articles like this — is an indication that we’re far from solving the problem (or should we say, taking advantage of the opportunity).

The fact is, there’s no secret to making the two teams work as one. And the answer isn’t simply having more meetings. Below are eight specific shortcuts to help your organization (or your clients) accelerate their path towards sales and marketing collaboration nirvana.


How an Awesome Advocacy Program Can Bring Better Deals

Your best referrals don’t have to be truly organic; by creating an effective advocacy program you can leverage your top customers.

How an Awesome Advocacy Program Can Lead to Your Best Deals

It’s no secret that your best (and conveniently, easiest) sales typically come via referrals from existing customers. But by their very nature, they are sales leads that exist outside your sales team, and therefore out of your control. Or are they? Since they’re so powerful, you shouldn’t leave them totally up to chance. That’s why Leo Dirr explains the merits of an advocacy program in this post at Inside Sales.

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Why YouTube Pre-Roll Ads are a Marketing Must

Beat your competition to YouTube pre-roll ads before this trend blows up.

 Why Adding YouTube Pre-Roll Ads To Your Marketing Strategy is a Must

It’s happened to all of us; you excitedly click on a great YouTube clip someone sent your way…only to wait through a 15 second ad. Well guess what? Not only are those ads incredibly effective, but it’s a medium that hasn’t yet been overrun by, well, everybody. Learn how you can leverage YouTube pre-roll ads in this post by Brian Carter at Convince & Convert.

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HubSpot’s Secret to Scalable Sales Enablement

Your sales team is rapidly expanding. How do you continue supplying them with all the support materials they need, while making sure they stay on message and don’t go rogue? HubSpot Product Marketing Director Rick Burnes explains how his team’s unique solution helps them empower customers and maximize sales.

Scaling Sales Enablement

What does a typical conversation between your sales team and your prospects sound like? Do calls quickly dive into strategies and problem solving or are they simply a boring show-and-tell of your product’s features? Or worse, is every sales rep’s approach different and no one call alike? If your answer is one of the latter, there’s a good chance your demos and other sales materials are at least partially to blame.


Surviving the New Gmail Unsubscribe Button

It’s a big, scary change, but the new Gmail unsubscribe button doesn’t necessarily mean your email list will dip. 

 Surviving the New Gmail Unsubscribe Button

Well, they went and did it again. Google released a brand new feature that has sent marketers scrambling. If you haven’t heard, this time they’ve put a Gmail unsubscribe button at the top of every email users receive. You read that right. Front. And. Center. While this is essentially every email marketers’ worst nightmare, Shannon Good explains how you can survive the Gmail unsubscribe button in this post at Savvy Panda.

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