Free Trial Conversion Optimization Roundtable

KISSmetrics co-founder Hiten Shah and Totango co-founder Guy Nirpaz share their tips for optimizing free trials that convert.

Free Trial Conversion Optimization | OpenView Labs

We recently invited industry experts Hiten Shah, co-founder of analytics companies KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg, and Guy Nirpaz, CEO and co-founder of Totango, to discuss trial conversion optimization strategy and tactics with the marketing leaders from our portfolio.


How to Conduct CRM Data Analysis, Part 2

What’s the make-or-break secret to conducting successful CRM data analysis? Mapping out your game plan first.

 How to Conduct CRM Data Analysis, Part 2 | OpenView Labs

I hope you are still with me after that arduous step of getting your data pulled together and set up for the big analysis. You’re closer to uncovering a hidden treasure trove of customer insights, but before you dive in you still need to develop your game plan first. In fact, that’s the true secret of high-impact data analysis work — mapping out your results before you even do the work.


Should You Fire Your Worst Customers?

Putting the axe to incoming revenue may seem like a bad idea, but the truth is the costs of maintaining bad customers and ensuring that they are happy can grossly outweigh the benefits of keeping them around.

Customer Segmentation: Fire Your Worst Customers | OpenView Labs

Is firing your worst customers actually a good idea? In many instances, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Yes, turning away revenue can hurt, but the truth of the matter is there are always costs associated with onboarding and servicing customers, and the ones who are unhappy or who aren’t a good fit in the first place can quickly become more trouble than they’re worth.


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B2B Marketing Lessons from a B2C Startup: Q&A with Greatist Founder Derek Flanzraich

Greatist founder Derek Flanzraich talks about the content philosophy that’s helping his health and wellness media startup achieve incredible growth, and what B2B marketers can learn from B2C brands like Red Bull and GoPro.

Q&A with Greatist Founder Derek Flanzraich | OpenView Labs

When Derek Flanzraich graduated from Harvard in 2010, he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to be. Out of college, Flanzraich took a job with Clicker Media (which was subsequently acquired by CBS), but the self-proclaimed lifelong builder says he couldn’t resist the entrepreneurial bug. So, in 2011 Flanzraich decided to follow his passion for health and brand building by founding Greatist, an Internet media startup designed to deliver high-quality fitness, health, and happiness content.


The Customer Data Mother Lode: How to Conduct CRM Data Analysis

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about the process of structuring and executing a CRM data analysis that can help expansion-stage startups uncover invaluable insights based on their history of interactions with their customers.

The Customer Data Mother Lode: How to Conduct CRM Data Analysis

As I have written in my previous introductory post, CRM data stores contain extremely rich, multi-faceted, and interconnected datasets that are invaluable sources of information on a company’s markets, customers, and sales and marketing operations. These latent treasure troves of data just need to be teased out with the appropriate analyses, but it is extremely important that these analyses be set up as correctly and as optimally as possible from the start.


7 Creative Marketing Strategies You Should Be Trying

Like you, your competition is using the same ol’ tactics. Set yourself apart with these creative marketing strategies.

Sure, you could tweak, edit and adjust your current marketing strategies so they’re completely optimized. That might increase your conversion by a few percentage points. But if you really want to move the lever, why not try some new, creative marketing strategies? In this post at Quick Sprout Neil Patel offers 7 ideas that have proven to be extremely effective.

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Top 10 Growth Marketers in Seattle

We’re highlighting some of the best and brightest marketers in one of the country’s hottest tech hubs — and sharing their favorite growth hacking secrets.

In our quest to identify the top B2B marketing talent across the country, we’ve already featured two cities — Boston and Austin — that easily qualify as two of the hottest up-and-coming tech scenes in the country. The city we’ll feature in this post, however, has been a bona fide technology hub for more than a decade.


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Startup Marketing Goals: Experts Weigh in on Where to Begin

It can be tough to set startup marketing goals, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible exercise.


Every startup has to have goals. And no, we’re not talking about becoming the next Google. But you’ve got to have hurdles that challenge you while still being attainable. How do you perfect that balance during your forecasting? It’s not an easy task, but in this post at KISSMetrics 7 experts offer their opinion on setting startup marketing goals.

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