Marketing Your Small Business Story

by Inc.

As a small business you may not be able to compete with a large company’s marketing budget, but you have one powerful device that’s totally unique to you: your story.

“Everyone likes to know the story behind the story, especially when there is an underdog or a hero involved,” writes Vanessa Merit Nornberg, founder of Metal Mafia, in a guest post for Inc. Stories are what make it possible for customers to root for owners and feel a connection to a brand, she argues. Telling the story of how a company was founded, for example, or what goes into the making of a product can help make buyers appreciate context and details – and selling points — that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also gives you an opportunity to explain how people can become a part of that story by getting involved as customers.

“Engaging your customers in your story can be just as valuable as engaging them with your product,” Nornberg writes. “As Lewis Schiff of the Inc. Business Owner’s Council once told me, ‘Facts get recorded; stories get remembered.’” For more on how you can engage with customers through your own story, read the full post here.

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